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After 40+ years of developing young athletes, we have determined what serious players want in a Player Development Program.  This program aims to guide families and athletes through the process of getting to play at the next level. Our goal is to play a significant role through our teaching, guidance, uniqueness, and unbiased thinking while recognizing and accepting what the athlete brings to the mix.  We want to prepare future student athletes and Junior players for success in hockey and life. We have been in a time tested emotional journey with thousands of young men and women over the years.

MHCPA Primary Package* - Ages 13 and up

When signing up for the MHCPA Player Development Program, each athlete receives a 12-month agreement with the following:

Player Promotion

E-mail marketing of professional player profile

Goal Setting: 1 hour personalized SMART goal analysis session

Communication: access to Player Development Specialist

Player Development

MHC has over 40+ years of experience training and conditioning athletes ranging from NHL players to amateurs. There has been over 400 NHL past and future athletes who have gone through this camp.   Being part of MHC and participating in player development will not develop or create character, it will expose it.   *Cost: $700 (with the purchase of a minimum of 1 week of camp at MHC)