Meet our owners and team leaders.

CLAIRENE "CLAIRE" GRILLO - CAMP OWNER Clairene is the driving force behind the camp that her husband founded with the late Herb Brooks and she has always embraced the challenge. Her primary goal is to preserve the legacy built and sustained by Chuck and Herb over the past thirty-five (35) years. She is unique in her approach to owning and operating MHC; on duty each day of every week while the camp is open in the summer months and a very strong believer in the values taught both on and off ice. Her passion for the camp remains intact; she is still at the top of her game. She understands the concept of living all she does and just being around for that one moment when she is needed; all part of owning and operating a business. The challenge we all face in life is when and how to give up hands on management and control of the decision making process. The transfer of power brings on greater responsibility for those accepting the challenge. Focus has to be on living up to the higher standards of leading a company. Gringo continues to fill a volunteer role @ MHC; showing up each day of the summer, filling in where needed, spending time with clients who choose to seek him out and doing his Template for Success talk each Sunday for the nine (9) weeks. He is one who recognizes that there is no transfer of power without entitlement and his love for MHC is @ an all time high.


ROB & CAROL GRILLO - CAMP OWNERS Rob, the oldest of six children in the Grillo family, has grown from player, to counselor, to coach at Minnesota Hockey Camps and he is currently an important part of the San Jose Sharks’ Scouting and Development staff. Rob lives in Canton, Mich. with his wife Carol and their two children Brandon and Briana.  


DEAN GRILLO - HOCKEY DIRECTOR Dean is a former player in the San Jose Sharks system. He played for the Kansas City Blades, Kentucky Thoroughblades & also played in European leagues. Dean is currently working as a player agent with O2K Worldwide Management. E-Mail: dino@mnhockeycamps.com


CARRIE GRILLO - CAMP DIRECTOR As camp director at Minnesota Hockey Camps, Carrie oversees camp operations and helps with administrative duties & employment/hiring. E-Mail: carrie@mnhockeycamps.com  


GermundsonDAN GERMUNDSON- CAMP DIRECTOR/HOCKEY OPS As camp director at Minnesota Hockey Camps, Dan oversees hockey operations and helps with administrative duties.  Dan is a former high school educator, hockey coach and MN Hockey Camps coach of 20 years.  He has experience coaching all age levels and a background in Exercise Science. Dan has a passion for teaching and developing hockey players.

E-Mail: dan@mnhockeycamps.com