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Ages 19 and under

Girls who attend camp are serious hockey players who want to develop their skills both on and off the ice in order to compete at the top of their game.

  • Follows the same schedule as other camp residents for overall development.
  • Will be placed with other skaters of their same ability and age.
  • Girl groups will be formed if there are enough girls in the same age and skill level
    • If not, co-ed groups will be formed with the same criteria
  • All housing is safe and secure
    • separated according to sex and age


Girls Camp  (co-ed ice time and training; girls only housing)
Please register for Main Camp or MHCPA Development Camp
Girls are welcome all 9 weeks!!

Exclusive Girls Camp  (girls only ice time, training, and housing)

July 23 - July 29                   
July 30 - August 5  



What will my child be doing through the week?

  • 12 On-Ice Sessions
  • 5 Dryland Sessions
  • 5 Weight Sessions
  • 5 Stickhandling Sessions
  • 5 Shooting Sessions
  • 5 Classroom Sessions
  • On/Off Ice Testing
  • Saturday game concludes the week!

              What is included in the camp?

              • 3 Meals a day
              • 2 Ice times per day
              • Lodging for the week
              • 32 Hockey related activities per week