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Camp Records

Every Sunday after check-in, campers gather to perform NHL combine tests.  On a white board in the gym we have every birth year's records displayed for each of the tests.  These records are displayed until beaten for the entire summer.

Campers of the Week

At the end of each week, one camper is selected from each group for their outstanding enthusiasm, ethic, and drive by their counselor and coach.  Winners receive a MHC towel that says Camper of the Week!

Players of the Game

At the end of each game on Saturday the coaches of the game decide on the three top performers of that game and they receive a MHC scarf and shaker bottle.

Shooting & Stick Handling Award

Every Friday there is an obstacle course race to decide who has the master puck handling skills followed by a shooting contest with a radar gun to decide who has the hardest shot in the group.  Winners shall receive an MHC fidget spinner!