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What are our Shooting & Stick-handling Awards?

Shooting: We measure camper's shots with a radar gun, and whoever has the hardest recorded shot of their group, wins!

Stick-handling: We arrange a stick handling obstacle course for campers to stickhandle a ball through. Whoever does the course the best, wins the stick-handling competition!

100 Daily Shots: We like to thank the campers who work extra hard on their shots everyday. This achievement is given to campers who shoot 100 pucks a day OUTSIDE of their scheduled shooting and stick-handling time.

Here are our winners so far from 2017!

Week 2:

Group A: Carson Curry, AZ (Stick-handling) and Taven James, MN (Shooting)

Group E: Tommy Doyle, NY (Stick-handling) and Ryan Gerlich, MN (Shooting)

Group G: Collin Hess, MN (Stick-handling) and Gavin Skelton, MN (Shooting)

Week 3:

Group A: Patrick Vogl, MO (Stick-handling) and Cole Heffington, MO (Shooting)

Group B: Cody Brekke, OH (Stick-handling)

Group E: Tommy Doyle, NY (Stick-handling and Shooting)

Week 4:

Group A: Sam Kline, NE (Stick-handling) and Brady Bennett, UT (Shooting)

Group B: Jack Andres, MN (Stick-handling) and Nick Botvinnik, IL (Shooting)

Group D: Tommy Doyle, NY (Stick-handling) and Trip Pends, NJ (Shooting)

Group F: Joey Michelizzi, MN (Stick-handling) and Max Rud, MN (Shooting)

Week 5:

Group A: Reese Bynan, UT (Stick-handling) and Cole Heffington, MO (Shooting)

Group D: Brandon Paluszak, OH (Stick-handling) and Trip Pendy, NJ (Shooting)

Group E: Bo Schmidt (Stick-handling)

Week 7:

Group D: Kate Johnson (Stick-handling) and Maggie Korneta (Shooting)

Group E: Ezra Kashin (Stick-handling and Shooting)

Group F: Will Hortz (Stick-handling) and Jackson Puzzo (Shooting)

Group G: Everett Levin (Stick-handling) and Rei Hoops (Shooting)

Week 8:

Group G: Jenna Nieman (Stick-handling) and Ryerson Birkerts (Shooting)

Group D: Owen Vilhauer (Stick-handling and Shooting)


100 Daily Shots:

Cole Heffington, MO

Tommy Doyle, NY

Jordan Martinelli, MN

Joey Michelizzi, MN

Jacob Begich, AK

Nathan Hinze, MN

Dakota Hodgson, IL

Taven James, MN

Joesph Donnelly, MN

Patrick Vogl, MO

Nicholas Kelm, CO

John Schweppe, MO

Michael Steward, MN

Oliver Benjamin, MN

Landon McSwain, AK

Jack Speckman, MN

Ben Kline, NE

Tyler Potter, MN

Phillip Benjamin, MN

Brady Rockel, NE

Darbi Maloney, CT

Trip Pendy, NJ

Brandon Paluszak, OH

Kenny Huber, UT

Ryan Starman, NY

Jackson Slomiak, UT

Jack Beatson, NC

Reese Bynan, UT



This page will be updated throughout the 2017 camp season with the scores from the competitions each week!