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NEW Awesome Stuff

MHC Toque
It's so soft, warm and fuzzy on the inside.  Just like @Simmonds17 ...... #maybeofftheice It's Red/Navy stripes makes this hat a fashion must have for the winter. Just ask Dino!
MHC Player Mesh Hat
Sold out
This is what we call a "good fitter"!  That's why we run out every year.
MHC Work Shirt
You can't go to work without your pail and work shirt on!  This Red Kamp button up shirt is perfect for any job.  Screen print logo on the back and 100% stitch patch on the front.  
Tree Hat-Trick Thermal Shirt
All things in threes!  This thermal is soft and stretchy.
Varsity Flannel Shirt/Jacket
This could be the coolest shirt we have ever offered at MHC.  It's a Paul Bunyan type shirt with very cool MHC Logos.  The patch on the front side is 100% stitch.  This shirt is thick, almost jacket like.  Will keep you warm on cool nights!