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Thanksgiving Day; Time to reflect and give thanks

Thanksgiving Day; Time to reflect and give thanks

Thanksgiving Day;

Time to reflect and give thanks

 All the best on a day we have a lot to be thankful for.  Sports are a true test of a person's authenticity and intangibles. Lifetime relationships are developed over a short period of time because of the dynamics of the sport, demands of the job and the people we have the opportunity to meet through our travels, time spent as an educator, Marines, NHL career and all of the summers @ Minnesota Hockey Camps in the Brainerd Lakes Area.

 The sports world is well known for short term relationships becoming lifelong relationships. We are blessed to have more than our share. With most we may be out of touch but we know in our own mind we can walk in unannounced and be accepted. There is something special about people who have purpose, reason and substance while being both ordinary and fun. They pass the authenticity test with flying colors; an achievable asset all can acquire.

 The game of hockey is full of people in all capacities who know the value of validating and anointing themselves beyond other's beliefs, evaluations, feelings, judgment and words..  We learn early on that we control our own destiny and in no way do others validate our worth and success. Take time to give thanks for the skill to validate and anoint yourself, skill to fit in, skill to express your skills and the skills to figure things out when coach, mentor and parent manuals do not have an answer. Give yourself a pat on the back for being ordinary and fun. Savor your skill to apply intense energy in an efficient manner.

 We all recognize the need for support systems in every person's life, but it still comes down to each of us "just figuring it all out and just getting it done".  This process has a way of separating the strong from the Wannabe; people who believe they can make a difference versus people who think or wish they can be something.  Only those wanting to be strong survive but this does not eliminate the need for support!

 Keep supporting each other and the results will be dynamic. We are all part of something much bigger than all of us combined; namely each person's life and career.  

 Anxiety - There should be no anxiety when you are prepared.  Anxiety stems from lack of preparation. We will always be thankful for the programs @ MHC designed to reduce anxiety and help people help themselves. We are a piece of the puzzle and have been for over forty (40) years.

 Performance evaluation - If you can't rank it, count it or rate it, you have a non-job.  Measurement does improve performance.  People capable of evaluating and constructively critiquing their performance are less likely to fail.  Management people with this capability want people around who will agree to disagree.  They do not allow solicitous praise to affect their judgment. People decisions are easier for coaches and players who understand where they fit.  We are grateful for a program that addresses the needs and assets of all involved.

 “We only judge with the intent to improve. If we take time to judge, we need to help provide solutions because deficiencies and problems rarely just go away.”

 We cannot measure people by their test scores or presentation.   We must measure the content of their presentation.  Is there any creativity?  Perfect spelling and sentence structure isn't nearly as valuable as the original thoughts and ideas in a presentation.  We once did a paper for my masters program.  We were asked questions during our oral exam relating to the paper.  One person asked, "Why did you not follow Campbell's Form and Style as required?"  Our reply was simple; we did it in outline form so the reader would digest the material with more efficiency.

 We were asked why we didn't have footnotes.  We told him that most of our thoughts were original, but there may be some plagiarism from what we've experienced, heard and read.  We asked him, "Who, in our society, doesn't plagiarize to some degree?"  This is how we learn and you can't take away what we've learned. We’ve always taken time to give credit and thanks to those who deserve credit. We would consider it an honor to be plagiarized to some degree but appreciate the credits also.

 We were asked why we did the report on Hockey when we were obtaining a Master Degree in Counseling.  We told them our passion was hockey, so our chances of succeeding in life were better if we stuck to teaching what we know best.  We believe we can reach more young people through hockey, with regard to lifetime values, than any teacher of academic subjects.  We also feel that our hockey classroom had more to do with success than any academic course because everything we do is related to real life. The degree in counseling is very applicable.

 Our master’s paper still stands for everything we believe in life and we are grateful for the opportunity to write the paper; this and time spent in the Marines and Greenhaven Rink in Hibbing, MN helped prepare us for careers in education and hockey.  

 "Constructively critique yourself, determine your assets and liabilities, improve/manage your liabilities, but your assets are going to take you where you want to go."

 We are grateful for MHC’s physical plant, program and staff that create awareness and exposure of both assets and liabilities. This is our obligation and responsibility to staff and campers.

 Our Template for Success Program proves that co-curricular activities should be a "required course" instead of an elective in our educational systems. There is no simpler way of constructively critiquing yourself than our Template.

 Growth orientation - "We want you to become what we believe you can be."  Often times this is more than you expect out of yourself.  We are capable of seeing things in you that you cannot see.  This comes from past experiences with similar people and players.  How many of us get up in the morning to be what we can be?  It is human nature to get up every morning and be who we are versus what we can be.  We get into habits of training and we train to be what we are versus elevating our training to become as much as we can be. Be thankful for a mind that will not take the easy way out!

 “High energy, with efficient effort is one formula for success.”

 “Do something out of the ordinary; do everything hard and smart and be grateful for every blind spot that gets exposed by coaches, mentors, parents and teammates who care about your career and life.”

 Whatever we accomplish; regardless of what and who we are, take time to give thanks to people and programs that impacted your life. We will always be grateful for the opportunity to work with youth and especially thankful to all mentors in our life. We are closing in on fifty (50) years working with youth. We made a good choice when we chose our line of work. The rewards are priceless and revered.

 “Reciprocate for opportunity given and recognition, respect and reward will come your way.”

 We have countless young people in our life who have done just that. We were able to carve out thirty plus (30+) years in the NHL because of players and teams who played to a level good enough to give us notoriety. How many people can say they owe their careers to all the young people who have gone on to become productive citizens and/or have professional careers; some excelling?  We are proud to be one of those.

 Take some time to give thanks to those responsible for giving you opportunity to succeed in life. We are on record; giving thanks to all the young people who chose to make something special out of themselves. We are the beneficiary of your success stories and the score clock is still running because you will learn to do something out of the ordinary outside of creative assists, scoring goals and making a great save.

 Also, a special thanks to our service men and women; especially those currently deployed and those who paid the ultimate price. We also give a special shout out to our friends and family; especially our parents who brought us in to the world we experience every single day of our lives.

 Have a Great Thanksgiving fm our MHC Family

 “Believe big, keep the rink big, play big, and think big; and big things will happen.”


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