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21 Summers

21 Summers

For Britni Delcastillo, Minnesota Hockey Camps has not just been a place she goes to camp but a place she calls home.

Britni began her journey here before she was even a year old; she first started coming here because her dad was a coach. Her father “Doc” has worked at this camp since he was 15 years old as a dishwasher. Since then he has brought his whole family here and thus began Britnni’s love for MHC.

Britni continued to come back every year with her five sisters, when she wasn’t old enough to do camp she would help the AT’s fill up water bottles or hang out in the pro shop. Once old enough, she joined the mite camp and from then on found her talent and love for hockey.

Britni continued to come back every summer; in fact she hasn’t missed one. She turned twenty-one this summer and is still here. Along the course of those twenty-one years, her family moved twelve times. When Britni found it hard to make new friends she always remembered the life long friends she had made at camp and that she would be able to see them in the summer. She found refuge at MHC where she knew, would never change. The culture is what causes her to come back every year, “it’s indescribable, just something about it.”  When times got tough, she remembered what MHC was all about, the value of hard work. You get out what you put in.

From doing plyos, to working in the pro shop, Britni always found the fun in camp while growing up. She specifically remembers always getting on the seesaw playing Buster Brown with Bri Grillo granddaughter of former owner Chuck Grillo. The two grew up together and saw each other every summer becoming best friends.

Britni used all of the teachings she learned here at MHC and has gone on to play collegiate hockey at Hamlin University. Nonetheless, she continues to come back every summer not as a camper but now a counselor as one of the camps favorites with her upbeat and positive energy. As her time now at MHC winds down as she is about to begin her senior year of college, her advice to campers “MHC can not only make you the best hockey player you can be, but teach you many life lessons for on and off the ice. Life isn’t all about hockey when it’s all said and done.”


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