These people think we're great!

"MHC was my second home! I love it there. My game has been elevated because of the training I did at MHC!"
"I am a veteran in the NHL and realize the importance of being at my best both physically and mentally. MHC has helped me improve strength, conditioning, and game performance. I have spent the last 8 summers at MHC and plan on spending more."
"I spent 15 summers at MHC. The training I received at MHC helped prepare me to reach my dream of playing in the Olympics."
MHC is where dreams and memories happen. We started out three years ago with one week and now I send my whole family for the entire summer! The hockey development is second to none. The true magic is in the mindset and the character building that MHC develops. MHC is more than just a hockey camp they make you part of their family!!!
"I have been going to MHC for over 6 summers. The dry land training program is challenging and the best one out there. The people are great, from owners to counselors to interns and fellow campers - they all help create such a great, fun environment to grow. All of the MHC coaches I have had over the years have helped me develop and progress."
"For the past nine years I have been astonished as I have watched players grow as individuals and players and even gained notoriety during their week(s) at MHC. As a parent of two young hockey players and as a coach with nine years professional experience I believe that there is no better place for players to spend a portion or a majority of their summer."